My Morning Routine for Mindfulness and Motivation


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I would be straight-up lying to you if I said that I follow this morning routine exactly as written every single morning. Sometimes my mental health is suffering and I hit snooze all the way up to 10:30. Sometimes I go out with my friends, stay out way too late, and feel absolutely no guilt for allowing myself to sleep in. However, this is the routine that my mind and body love, and I try to do it as often as possible.

Because I can be inconsistent with my routines (I’m only human), I have the experience to tell you with 100% certainty that my days are a million times better when I start them this way. I find that I am more mindful and in the moment for every task I tackle the rest of the day, and I feel motivated to be productive, focused, and organized.

As someone who works from home, I also find that this routine helps shift me into “work-mode.” It is far too easy to wake up, stay in my pajamas, and tell myself I’ll get moving in an hour.

It’s never just an hour.

But, by the time I’ve gone through all of the following steps, I feel energized and clear-headed enough to sit right at my desk and get work done or run out the door for a fun and fulfilling day of activities. No matter what you need to get done throughout the day, I highly suggest making any of the following steps a part of your own morning routine.


Immediate Self-Care

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Obviously, the first thing I do and that I assume you all do is go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. After this, I have found that my mood is easily lifted in the morning when I take just a few minutes to invest in some self-care. For me, this is as simple as quieting my mind to be present in the moment and going through my skincare routine. I don’t know why, but taking care of my skin just makes me feel relaxed, confident, and kinda put-together. I am a sucker for a good face mask, but sometimes I’ll just simply wash my face with a favorite product and then moisturize. I’ve recently been dealing with some hormonal skin breakouts and am loving the Alba Botanica Acnedote face wash.



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I’ve been obsessed with making sure I get enough water every day because it’s helping me with my weight loss journey and skin issues, but staying hydrated is important for everyone. In the morning, after you’ve just gone several hours without drinking any, it is especially important to get a nice big glass of water in to re-hydrate and get your digestion flowing. I add the juice of half a lime to my water to make it extra refreshing and to hide the fact that, although I filter it, the city water where I live always smells like chlorine.


Mindfulness Practice and Journaling

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I’ve been interested in meditation for a long time and often use guided meditation to fall asleep at night. Recently, I have found that meditating early in the morning somehow clears my mind of any of the anxiety I have for the day ahead. It makes me feel focused and calm, so I know that I can accomplish my daily tasks (or that I will totally be okay if I don’t!).

I’ve been going back and forth trying to decide which type of meditation I like most in the mornings. I think it really just depends on where my mind is going into it. I love mantra meditation and choose it most often, especially when I’m working on manifesting something, but I find that guided meditation works well for me if I can’t quiet my mind on my own.

I do this for about 5-15 minutes – either in a cozy corner of my home or out on my deck – and then immediately jump into journaling. This looks completely different every day. Sometimes I just free-write my thoughts, sometimes I write about something I’m manifesting, and sometimes I’ll start writing ideas for what I want to do with the day ahead. Regardless, getting my thoughts after meditation down on paper really helps me feel clear-headed.


Coffee/Tea and a Good Book

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When I’m in a place of mindfulness, I find that I love the process of making coffee or tea almost as much as I enjoy drinking it. I specifically make my coffee in a french press for this reason. I’m aware this sounds pretentious. I assure you that I know less about coffee than just about anybody, though. Depending on my mood, I might opt for matcha instead.

Once I’ve got my coffee or tea, I sit down somewhere comfy inside or lay outside with a good book. On busy work days, I commit to reading for at least 15-30 minutes. On less busy days, I let myself keep reading for as long as I want. I absolutely love reading and curling up with a book and a nice cup of coffee or tea. In a world full of distractions, it takes work to calm my mind enough for reading. I enjoy this practice and putting that English degree to good use!


Get The Work Day Rolling

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After reading, I sit at my desk to get the ball rolling for the day. I’ll look through my to-do list, check my calendar, and answer any emails that need my immediate attention. Basically, I just get mentally prepared for the work I have to do that day, or the lack thereof. After this, I’ll typically make a healthy breakfast, get dressed and ready for the day ahead, and jump right into it.

Thanks for reading! I hope that even just one of these steps seems like something you can incorporate into a routine of your own. And, of course, don’t ever feel guilt on the mornings when absolutely none of this is possible. It happens!